Connect your operators

Technician reporting
that works offline.

Our field reporting solution is suited for technicians working where network is not always great. Fully compatible with phones and tablets (Apple, Windows, iOS, Android).

Submit forms anywhere.

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Reasons to use Fieldeo.

Offline support
We use specific technologies to enable offline reporting. Fully compatible with your existing tablets or phones.
Unlimited technicians
We don't limit the number of technicians you can onboard.
Fast delivery
Get your app up and running in as less than a week.
Custom made
We build your customized online forms tailored to your needs. Thus enabling UX improvements.
Easy to manage
Manage your field reports from your own administration interface and get automated exports to the location you want.
Integrated communication
Send messages directly towards your technician tablets.

1 - Customize your app.

Tell us about your tracking needs, we setup the forms and business logics which are required for your business.

Tell us more about your need.

2 - Track operator reports.

Access your data using the administration interface, apis or automated integrations with Google Sheets.

Simple pricing.

No hidden fees. Free quote.

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Need help?

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Does Google Form work offline ?

Most form builders like google form don't support offline mode. This is an issue for operators as network failures can result in data loss. This is why we developed Fieldeo.

Does Fieldeo need to be installed ?

Fieldeo products don't require installation. Form replies can be accessed directly from your own url in any webbrowser.

Which integrations do you support for extraction ?

We provide access to an administration api and support many integrations such as API, emails or google sheets. Reach out to us for more information.

Can we remove Fieldeo branding ?

Yes, Fieldeo branding can be fully removed from designs and urls.

Is Fieldeo adapted to tracking technicians ?

Yes, it can be used as a field tracking tool to track work requests.

Is your Field Reporting app adapted to maintenance and operation teams ?

Yes, Fieldeo was built together with industrial companies who were operating sites in remote locations with low connectivity. Our use cases cover delivery, maintenance and installation teams.

Is Fieldeo a Google forms alternative for offline forms ?

Indeed, Fieldeo is optimized for offline data collection on any device (iOS, Mac, Windows, Android). No matter where they are, with an internet connection or without, your operators can access installation and maintenance forms and push offline submissions from their mobile device.

What kind of data can operators submit ?

Up to now, we have covered various data types. We cover simple input fields (text) with specific validation rules, images, dates, times, and specific business logs (incrementations buttons, tracking technician actions, etc.). Our delivery teams is here to help you simplify data submissions from your operators.

Is this an alternative to typeform offline ?

Exactly. We like Typeform. unfortunately, it's currently not working in offline mode. With typeform, you need 2G, 3G, 4G or 5G on your phone to submit form replies. With Fieldeo, you don't.

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